The Broyhill Fontana bedroom furniture may already be discontinued, but its aesthetics provide us with classical molding and detailing that remind us of traditional and Colonial styles. The discontinued Fontana collection is distinctive and adaptable. The natural beauty of slightly distressed pine veneers and wood solids, the finely crafted overlays and designs, and the hand-rubbed finish with white highlights (translucent) complement a mix that is eclectic with accessories and color.


Features Of Broyhill Fontana Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom set of the Fontana collection includes 1 triple dresser, 1 nightstand, 1 panel bed, and 1 landscape mirror. Optional items include an armoire, door chest, and blanket chest. Features include a durable frame, casual style, hand-rubbed finish, select pine veneers and hardwood solids, decorative moldings and overlays, translucent white highlights, decorative wooden knobs, and turned legs. The beds come in Queen, King, and California King sizes.


Other Items Of The Broyhill Fontana Bedroom Furniture Collection

The Fontana bed, which is main feature of the discontinued Fontana collection, can be bought separately. Other Fontana furniture accessories include the armoire, triple dresser, nightstand, door chest, blanket chest, bureau, bureau mirror, and landscape mirror.

The armoire has two panel doors, which open to show 3 tray drawers. Other armoire features include a mirror at the left door’s back, pull-out partitioning, a clothing rod, and a back panel for a flat screen TV. The armoire can be used to carry most 32” TVs, auxiliary media components, and your clothes. The dresser features 7 abundant dovetailed drawers, which supply strength, and natural wood grain features that are expected in fine furniture. The dresser contains one center door, which opens to show 2 tray drawers.


Nightstands And Other Furniture

The Fontana nightstand offers convenient storage in its dust-proof bottoms and 2 dovetail drawers. Like the dresser, the Fontana door chest has two doors, which open to show 2 adjustable shelves. Other features of the door chest include 2 spacious drawers in the lower section and a TV back panel that can carry most 32” flat screen TVs. The door chest also serves as an entertainment center.

The Fontana blanket chest has a drop lid that opens to adequate storage on the inside and 2 drawers in front. This chest can be located behind the bed’s footboard or it can be combined with other pieces to enjoy an exquisite, charming, and well-designed bedroom collection. The Fontana bureau has nine capacious dovetailed drawers that render the bureau stable. The natural wood grain features hide a removable shelf.


Mirrors To Create An Illusion Of More Space

Broyhill Bedroom FurnitureThe Fontana collection has two kinds of mirrors: the bureau mirror and the landscape mirror. The bureau mirror has decorative moldings and overlays, beveled mirror plate, and mirror supports. Its dimensions are 43 inches x 36 inches x 2 inches. The landscape mirror highlights a rectangular frame adorned with delicately-crafted moldings and overlays on top. This piece can be added to the dresser. The mirror’s dimensions are 47 inches x 48 inches x 2 inches.

The discontinued Broyhill Fontana bedroom furniture collection may no longer be sold today, but it lends a rich history to the Broyhill furniture collection.